Hiperbaric will participate in the conferences on new technologies in food preservation

The International Association of High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology (HPBB) was established in 1998. The HPBB conference is held as an every two year annual meeting to have fruitful discussion in most recent and exciting research in the bio-field at high pressure. Prior international conferences have been held at Kyoto (Japan, 2000), Dortmund (Germany, 2002), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2004), Tsukuba (Japan, 2006), San Diego (United States, 2008) and Freising (Germany, 2010). The conference will provide scientists, technologists and students who have interests in learning or sharing advanced scientific information on high pressure applications concerning biochemistry, biophysics, biophysical chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, food science, medicine, pharmacology, engineering and instrumentation, with opportunities to present their research as well as exchange the latest information on high-pressure bioscience and biotechnology.