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Hiperbaric is one of the world´s leading manufacters of high pressure processing (HPP) machines for the food industry.

The potencial market is huge- products from milk to salsa can use HPP. Any decission to buy could not be rushed and involved building trust with the client.

Hiperbaric realised that people who discover for themselves can bring to their businesses are more likely to buy.They decided to explain the technical benefits of its equipment as simply as possible.

Potencial clients would see the new content on the website an YouTube chanel.

The sales departament is dedicated to responding quickly to any prospective client that contacts the company and continues attending events and guiding customers through the sales process.

The number of machines sold in 2012 were 22, ten more than in 2011.

People who become interested in a particular product because of a company´s online marketing still need to be convinced to buy by direct contact.

(Financial Times, june 11, 2013)

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The Seafood Congress Conference- September 28- October 3, 2013

For those interested on Seafood, we recomend visiting the ccfi logo

CCFI (Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation) website, where you will find The Seafood Congress Conference, that will take place in Canada, September 28 – October 3, 2013.  (registration)

The Seafood Congress organizers are building and creating new partnerships between seafood professionals and specialists to benefit global seafood trade. This is accomplished through various means throughout the international event– expert panels, debates, workshops and formal presentations.

The Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation is becoming one of the most remarkable in the sea fisheries research.

The Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, recently visited the Center and the High ccfi-15 april 2013Pressure Processing unit.

He remarked the importance of making strategic investments to grow and diversify the economy.


IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago.

Advances in Commercialization of Nonthermal Processing,”

The course, provides you with deep-dive education and exchange on the principles and commercial applications (actual and potential) of diverse nonthermal processing technologies, like the High Pressure Processing (HPP). Through this course, diferent experts, as will thoroughly outline the latest breakthroughs in current and emerging nonthermal processing technologies and their relevance to food safety. You’ll also learn about public acceptance and the market for nonthermal technologies.

IFT 2013 Advances in Commercialization of Nonthermal Processing

IFT 2013 Advances in Commercialization of Nonthermal Processing

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