What do you expect from your Aftersales and Spares service?

When we acquire industrial equipment we expect it to meet a great number of technical requirements, among them a fast, reliable and professional Aftersales and Spares service. In line with this principle, our Aftersales and Spares team works every day to offer an outstanding and client-oriented service anticipating and resolving our clients’ needs. Read this post to discover how we do it.

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Discover the must-attend HPP events of October where you can find us

HPP event sumary in October

There are tons of events in the food industry throughout the year and many of them are closely related to high pressure processing (HPP). October, together with March and May, has traditionally been one of the busiest months in the HPP agenda. In this post we invite you to discover some of the most interesting tradeshows and congresses in the world and those where you can find us in our stand. Come and visit us!

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20th anniversary Hiperbaric: a fully-dedicated trajectory to high pressure processing (HPP)

Innovation, client-oriented and teamwork are the main values that have accompanied us all the way through until becoming a global company present in the 5 continents. A long journey made thanks to all the support provided since the beginning by our clients, institutions, our suppliers and our employees. From Hiperbaric we would like to express our sincerest appreciation and we invite you to celebrate with us the inaguration of our expanded facilities.

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HPP emerging markets: Asia

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a technology on the raise, yet there are some HPP emerging markets where it is less known and offer interesting possibilities. Among these markets, Asia is arguably the most interesting due to its population size and growing economies, with massive young middle classes with a desire for innovation and a rich gastronomic culture built around unique family recipes, a strong street food culture, and fresh juices around every corner. Thus, they have taste of food as one of their main decision drivers when it comes to decide what or where to eat. This appreciation of quality above everything is what makes this market the most promising for HPP technology, discover where the opportunities are below.

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Find us in the main HPP events of September

Picture of September HPP events where you can find Hiperbaric

Last months of the year are full of international events related to the food industry. High Pressure Processing (HPP) is mentioned in most of them since properties such as Natural, Safe, Innovative and Clean-label catch the attention of any industry with a forward-looking spirit. Keep reading to know the most interesting HPP events of September.

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Biodegradable packaging, a real alternative in the food industry

Petroleum-based plastic materials stay in the environment for hundreds of years, entering the food chain and negatively affecting wildlife. Biodegradable packaging, made by vegetable material, has appeared as a solution since they decompose naturally, thus not affecting the environment. The worldwide innovation, Hiperbaric Bulk technology for processing big volumes of liquids in bulk, potentially adds to the solution in the High Pressure Processing field, since it allows to use any kind of packaging for HPP beverages.

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Hiperbaric’s relation with precision machining

Precision machining services

In Hiperbaric, we have restarted offering precision machining services, an activity we used to include exclusively for our internal production process due to strategic reasons. We are specialized in big size pieces and in the strip shaving of stainless steel, carbon steel and foundry materials. Our excellent design office, our highly qualified team and our large facilities allow us to offer this service to companies with national and international reputation.

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Carole Tonello receives the 2019 IFT Award as a recognition of her long-standing commitment to the HPP Industry

winners of the IFT Award

The Annual IFT meeting took place on June 2-5 in New Orleans, USA and our Commercial and Applications Director Carole Tonello not only did receive the 2019 IFT’s Nonthermal Division “Outstanding Service Award” for her long-standing commitment to HPP Industry, but also spoke on HPP Commercialization during the pre-conference Workshop. To know more about her IFT award continue to read our blog post.

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June events determined by the importance of HPP packaging

Packaging trade shows that Hiperbaric going to attend in June.

The importance of packaging in the HPP industry determines our agenda next June, since most of the events of this month are related to this area. We keep supporting our clients and expanding the numerous advantages of HPP technology with our effort and presence in the main HPP events. Besides, We seek collaboration with potential HPP packaging suppliers to find innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.

Find us in the most relevant events and trade shows next month of June!

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