HPP and benefits of plant-based foods (PBF)

HPP gives consumers of all ages a plethora of healthy plant-based foods, going from consumer favorite guacamole and avocados, novel dips based out on cauliflower or nuts, or healthy fruit & vegetable puree snacks. Toddlers and children are also, where federal government agencies in the USA have approved HPP baby foods to fight malnutrition within low-income families.

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Greenhead Lobster expands HPP lobster processing business

High Pressure Processing is widely used for different food applications. Although did you know about the application of seafood? Specifically HPP lobster processing? Greenhead Lobster, a lobster processing company in Stonington, Maine (USA), has added a Hiperbaric high pressure processing (HPP) machine to expand its lobster processing operations. Read about this great application and Greenhead’s success!

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HPP emerging markets: Asia

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a technology on the raise, yet there are some HPP emerging markets where it is less known and offer interesting possibilities. Among these markets, Asia is arguably the most interesting due to its population size and growing economies, with massive young middle classes with a desire for innovation and a rich gastronomic culture built around unique family recipes, a strong street food culture, and fresh juices around every corner. Thus, they have taste of food as one of their main decision drivers when it comes to decide what or where to eat. This appreciation of quality above everything is what makes this market the most promising for HPP technology, discover where the opportunities are below.

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“Bacalaos Alkorta” achievements with high pressure processing (HPP)

Cod is amongst the most demanded fish in Europe due its nutritious, lean meat, and unique taste. Bacalaos Alkorta, one of the cod processing leaders around the world, identified the potential safety hazards and time investment during the desalting step although the shelf life of desalted cod is just within 3-7 days with proper handling and refrigeration. Thus, Bacalaos Alkorta decided to invest in the HPP technology for safety and shelf life extension, without comprising the quality of cod. Bacalaos Alkorta recently launched HPP cod loins, fillet crumbles, and Basque cuisine delicacy “kokotxas” (cod jowl), with enhanced safety and high product quality. This way, Bacalos Alkorta proudly steps into the HPP family with very interesting commercial applications, in the always challenging seafood sector.

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Origin Almond: From beverage idea to HPP Tolling user


High Pressure Processing (HPP) has come a long way in the past few years, specially in the beverage industry. Now days, we see a trend in the utilization of functional ingredients to help brands differentiate from each other. Origin Almond ® is a brand that has a very innovative HPP beverage and has partnered with one of HPP Tolling providers from Hiperbaric’s network, Dora’s Naturals. In this article we give you a great success story of two brands with different purposes being united by High Pressure Processing (HPP).

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Deli 24 increases their HPP Tolling capacity with a new Hiperbaric 420

Deli 24

The British company Deli 24 doubles its production capacity with the installation of a new Hiperbaric 420 machine. Every year there are more companies offering HPP Tolling services for High Pressure processing. Each one placing confidence on Hiperbaric equipment, and Deli 24 is another great success story!

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Seafarers INC has installed the first Hiperbaric 300 for Seafood Processing in Miami, FL


Seafarers Inc, a Miami based processor, importer, and marketer of high quality fresh and frozen seafood, has installed a Hiperbaric 300 to process crab meat and other seafood products via High Pressure Processing. Established in 1999 Seafarers has become highly recognizable due to its vastly diversified product line. The Company currently deals with over thirty four different species in both fresh and frozen form. Continue reading

Masseria Fruttirossi, tradition and innovation go hand in hand in its opening


The new facilities of Masseria Fruttirossi, which have a Hiperbaric 420 as “flagship”, were inaugurated on October 2 of 2018.  With an important assistance, from authorities, collaborators and friends. Undoubtedly, this is a project with special importance for the region of Taranto, in Italy. Masseria Fruttirossi has managed to combine “innovation and tradition”, as the grand opening message to spectators.

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