Everything you ever wanted to know about HPP concepts

Offering natural clean label products, achieving a shelf life extension and guaranteeing food safety are some of the main advantages of HPP technology. However, wide confusion is still generated among consumers and food industry professionals when concepts related to this technology are mentioned or compared with other methods. Keep reading this post where we explain some of the issues that cause a major misunderstanding when talking about it.

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Do you know what are the steps for juice processing before HPP?

Juicing is a hot trend! – The global fruit and vegetable juice market is projected to reach USD 173 billion by 2024, growing at an estimated CAGR of 3.17%. Growth in fruit and vegetable juice market is driven by increasing demand for healthy food from an increasingly health-conscious consumer base. Specifically, cold press juice processing is the fastest growing category and HPP is the most appropriate technology for their preservation.

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HPP technology, a guarantee for food safety in meat products

550 million people worldwide contract a foodborne infection (FI) every year, despite efforts made by governments, farms, industries and consumers to ensure food safety in products such as meat. High hydrostatic pressure (APH) or high pressure processing (HPP) is presented as a real strategic option for the fight against E. coli, Salmonella spp. and Listeria monocytogenes in this type of fresh or processed products.

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HPP in the food service industry

Food safety is one of the biggest concerns among food service companies. HPP technology is the appropriate solution for them due to its capability to inactivate different bacteria, yeasts and molds. Moreover, shelf life is substantially increased reducing food waste and optimizing food storage. It is applied in already packaged products, avoiding any kind of recontamination until the product is opened. Moreover, it preserves the original texture, flavor and nutritional value of the food without using any chemical additives. Read more to discover real cases of HPP in the food service industry.

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HPP in Italy: appropriate consumer habits for the development of the market

Popular dish HPP in Italy

HPP allows to obtain natural, fresh and high quality products in a wide variety of food applications. This fits perfectly with the current consumer demands and food industry requirements. It is especially remarkable in Italy where consumers give a high importance to food quality in terms of organoleptic properties and minimally processed products, features that are perfectly committed by HPP technology. Moreover, the extended shelf-life and food safety achieved thanks to high pressure allows Italian producers to conquer the strictest markets. All this combination together with innovation and the well-known products from this Mediterranean country provides a huge potential to HPP in Italy.

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Automation in HPP: Hiperbaric makes the difference

At Hiperbaric, we are devoted with our excellence in customer service and totally commitment to satisfy customer needs. That is why we design, develop and collaborate with Desmasa on automation in HPP solutions that will enhance the competitiveness and increase the efficiency of the manufacturing lines of our customers.

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Industrial Property, Hiperbaric explains their strategy for success


Hiperbaric is a technology based company developed on innovation. Which has developed a robust business model that has allowed it to become a world leader in its sector. Your product is backed by the guarantee offered by the Hiperbaric brand and backed by a solid Industrial Property strategy. All this translates into security and confidence for our customers and decisive aspects in the purchase process that have helped to loyalty many of them.

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Packaging and HPP, what should you focus your attention on

HPP Packaging

Packaging not only extends the shelf life of foods but protects the products from detrimental external agents like chemical compounds or spoilage microorganisms. And combined with high pressure (HPP) lengthens the shelf life as well. Although, many food industries wonder if their current packaging would withstand pressures of up to 6,000 bar. In this post we talk openly about the technical aspects of packaging applied to HPP products and, especially, the use of polymer ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) so widely used in the food industry for its oxygen barrier capabilities.

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The Food Waste and HPP Story

HPP and Food waste

Food waste has become a problem that is present worldwide and it resonates loud everywhere we go. Yearly we waste about  1,300 million tons and we lose about $940 billion. The repercussions are not only economical but environmental as well. In this article we present you the food waste problem and how High Pressure Processing (HPP) can help to reduce it.

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HPP, an alternative to Conventional Food Processing

hpp an alternative to conventional processing

Chapter “High Hydrostatic Pressure Food Processing: Potential and Limitations” written by Dr. Carole Tonello, Director of Commercial and Applications Department at Hiperbaric, beside Professor Stephanie Jung, from Department of Food Science and Nutrition of California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), describes  High Pressure Processing technology (HPP). It is presented as an alternative to thermal processes widely accepted in the food industry thanks to its interesting strengths: safety, shelf-life enlargement, absence of chemical additives and preservation of nutritional and sensorial properties of food. From Hiperbaric, we invite everybody to discover all the hidden secrets of HPP in the book “Alternatives to conventional food processing”.
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