HPP and Avocados, a Love Story

It is true that this marvelous fruit sometimes can be trickier than those chocolate eggs with the surprise inside. We have to admit we all have been there, every time we cut open an avocado, we slowly remove the halves hoping and praying to have picked the perfect one; but who hasn’t had disappointment when our favorite fruit is nothing but a dark-green-mushy mass that ends up ruining our meal or even the rest of our day. The great thing is that HPP has a solution for this. Continue reading

Hiperbaric will attend the VIII World Avocado Congress 2015 in Peru

On September 2015, Lima (Peru) will host the VIII AVOCADO CONGRESS, event which takes place every four years and reunites the leading experts in avocado for a series of conferences and exhibitions of interest to any industry professional. Continue reading

Hiperbaric at the VII World Avocado Congress 2011 (Australia)

avocado-congressHiperbaric will be present at the VII World Avocado Congress 2011, that will take place September 5-9 in Cairns (Australia). It is a remarkable event where Hiperbaric will also collaborate with a presentation (Tuesday, September 6).


World Avocado Congress 2011