Plant-based dairy alternatives and high pressure processing, a convenient alliance

Accordingly to the data from Euromonitor, in the last five years, the consumption of, plant-based dairy alternatives derived from soy, nuts, almonds, oat, coco and so one, registered a 33.5% increase. Due to, not only, the high prevalence of lactose intolerants but also to the consumer awareness that search for plant based alternatives, mainly because of the positive and healthy association that comes across both at a nutritional and environmental level.

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HPP milk: High Pressure Processing in the dairy industry

Milk and dairy products are an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. These products have been traditionally consumed fresh, which led to numerous outbreaks and commercial loses. Thermal pasteurization greatly improved shelf life and food safety, but organoleptic quality of the resulting products was affected. Since late XIX century, High Pressure Processing (HPP) positioned as a valid alternative to heat pasteurization to maintain taste, color and texture of dairy products at the same time that spoilage microorganisms and pathogens are inactivated. Continue reading