Q&A with Universal Pure: Jenny Tuggle, Marketing Manager

Jenny Tuggle is passionate about marketing the benefits of High Pressure Processing to the industry and consumers as well. She is currently the Marketing Manager at Universal Pure, one of the leaders offering HPP tolling services in the US, and has been with the company since 2017. Learn more about Universal Pure, the latest HPP trends, and how the leading HPP toller is marketing the benefits of HPP to manufacturers and consumers.

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Intermountain HPP success story: from HPP user to HPP toller

Thomas Kreitlow and Robert Kreitlow owners at Intermountain HPP explain the reasons that have driven them to acquire a Hiperbaric unit to start offering HPP tolling services in Utah. They started using the technology for the products they offer in their Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen restaurants and are a great defender of HPP due to the great benefits it provides to food and beverages. Keep reading to know more about this success story.

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Origin Almond: From beverage idea to HPP Tolling user


High Pressure Processing (HPP) has come a long way in the past few years, specially in the beverage industry. Now days, we see a trend in the utilization of functional ingredients to help brands differentiate from each other. Origin Almond ® is a brand that has a very innovative HPP beverage and has partnered with one of HPP Tolling providers from Hiperbaric’s network, Dora’s Naturals. In this article we give you a great success story of two brands with different purposes being united by High Pressure Processing (HPP).

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