Intermountain HPP success story: from HPP user to HPP toller

Thomas Kreitlow and Robert Kreitlow owners at Intermountain HPP explain the reasons that have driven them to acquire a Hiperbaric unit to start offering HPP tolling services in Utah. They started using the technology for the products they offer in their Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen restaurants and are a great defender of HPP due to the great benefits it provides to food and beverages. Keep reading to know more about this success story.

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Origin Almond: From beverage idea to HPP Tolling user


High Pressure Processing (HPP) has come a long way in the past few years, specially in the beverage industry. Now days, we see a trend in the utilization of functional ingredients to help brands differentiate from each other. Origin Almond ® is a brand that has a very innovative HPP beverage and has partnered with one of HPP Tolling providers from Hiperbaric’s network, Dora’s Naturals. In this article we give you a great success story of two brands with different purposes being united by High Pressure Processing (HPP).

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