HPP: Putting a New Squeeze on Meat

Despite the increase of vegetarian and vegan behaviours amongst western consumers and scaremongering news about meat consumption and cancer prevalence in the last years, meat processing still represents one of the most important sectors on the global food market. This is not an exception on the High Pressure Processing (HPP) sector, as meat products-dedicated machines represent 21% of HPP machines installed around the world (Hiperbaric 2017). Continue reading

Nutrifresh Services LLC announces purchase of 3rd Hiperbaric High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine.

The high pressure processing (HPP) machine is slated to arrive in NutriFresh Service’s state-of-the art Edison, N.J. HPP tolling and co-packing facility in early 2016. With the new machine dedicated to its newly-launched cold-press and Continue reading

Foster Farms announces a new line of All Natural Sliced Turkey Lunchmeat processed with Hiperbaric´s Technology

Foster Farms is a meat company specialized in a variety of chicken and turkey products. It has been privately owned and operated by the Foster family since 1939. 

The company is publicly known for its commitment with its values which include animal welfaresocial responsability, its environmental and antibiotic stewardship and locally raised.

Plus the company as been awarded for Continue reading

HPP in China & ASEAN. Is it starting to take off?

asia-globoHPP technology is the fastest growing non-thermal processing technology nowadays. It has started a revolution in the market of fresh products, specially fruit juices and other fruit products, where this revolution will be even more evident in the coming years.

This is a relatively young technology and indeed Japan was the first country to adopt and launch HPP products in the market worldwide, using prototype equipment. It happened in 1990 when the company Meidi-Ya launched its Continue reading

NC Hyperbaric participates in AMI Food Expo Meat Tech Sessions

ami2-logoNC Hyperbaric will actively participate in AMI Meat Tech Sessions with two presentations: “Tenderisation of Red Meats” Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 2:30 PM. “Value-Adding Refrigerated Services” Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 11:30 AM


AMI Expo educational program

High Pressure Processing in Madrid Fusion

Top chef enthusiastic about cooking HPP applications.

Luis Aduriz, cook at the restaurant Mugaritz (2 Michelin stars) in Renteria, Spain, speaks about the possibilities of HPP in seafood products and shows his experience with lobster and crabs. HPP is a useful tool to extract the meat from crustaceans without need of cooking the product. With this we can obtain a high quality product ready to cook for the first time and serve.

Video (Spanish): http://www.antena3.com/noticias/cultura/gastronomia/cocinas-todo-gas-madrid-fusion_2011012500120.html


Video (Spanish)

Meat industry conference 2008

congreso-del-sector-carnico-de-holanda-2008Francisco Purroy, NC Hyperbaric Technical Sales Manager, gave a lecture focused on Applications of High Pressure Processing in meat products within the National  Congress celebrated in Ede (Holland) on March 28,2008, devoted to Benelux based meat products industry.


For further information: www.vleescongres.nl