Raw pet food – caring for their nutrition is caring for them

There is an increasing number of pet owners looking to feed their pets with raw food, also known as BARF diet, due to the perceived health benefits. High pressure processing (HPP) is a technology that allows the production of safe raw pet food while keeping its organoleptic and nutritious characteristics, without the addition of any artificial preservatives. As a result, the number of raw pet food products in the market is thriving, giving consumers a variety of healthy solutions to feed their pets.

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HPP Pet Food: They Also Like It Raw

It´s lunch time and you go to your trusted take away delivery point to have a meal and try to enjoy a small break from a hectic day of pursuing rodents, scratching furniture or taking naps. You arrive to your table thinking about a big, juice and tasteful steak just to discover that the only option in the menu is an ultra-processed, tasteless canned meat. Wouldn’t that meal be frustrating after a ruff  day?

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