Ready to eat foods: a gastronomic experience on the go

The sector of ready–to-eat food grows every year and the consumption on-the-go is a big trend for 2020. This boost is due to the rapid urbanization, the lack of time that consumers have to cook, and the convenience offered. Consumers expect ready to eat meals to be minimally processed, with a stable shelf-life and few or no preservatives, without compromising the sensory quality. High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology presents a tremendous potential as a non-thermal preservation technique for RTE meals. Continue reading

HPP Ready-To-Eat products: Natural and healthy food in a minute

Some HPP ready-to-eat products of "The Siup Spoon" brand

HPP Ready-To-Eat products adapt perfectly to the current consumer’s needs offering convenience and quality at the same time. Concepts such as prepared food or precooked food used to be incompatible with terms like natural, premium and healthy products. HPP technology has broken with this preconceived correlation, allowing to offer high quality RTE products with a great shelf life without applying heat nor adding any preservatives. All while keeping all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the food. Keep reading and discover more about the advantages provided by high pressure processing applied to the RTE category.

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