HPP Seafood: Shells Away with High Pressure Processing

Lobsters is a cuisine delicacy and a healthy protein source. For most of us, removing the outer lobster shell is a tricky, time-consuming and intensive task, as it requires skills, a sharp knife and most importantly, lots of patience! This is a reason why HPP offers so many advantages for Lobster and other shellfish meat extraction. Continue reading

The Seafood Congress Conference- September 28- October 3, 2013

For those interested on Seafood, we recomend visiting the ccfi logo

CCFI (Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation) website, where you will find The Seafood Congress Conference, that will take place in Canada, September 28 – October 3, 2013.  (registration)

The Seafood Congress organizers are building and creating new partnerships between seafood professionals and specialists to benefit global seafood trade. This is accomplished through various means throughout the international event– expert panels, debates, workshops and formal presentations.

The Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation is becoming one of the most remarkable in the sea fisheries research.

The Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, recently visited the Center and the High ccfi-15 april 2013Pressure Processing unit.

He remarked the importance of making strategic investments to grow and diversify the economy.


High Pressure Processing in Madrid Fusion

Top chef enthusiastic about cooking HPP applications.

Luis Aduriz, cook at the restaurant Mugaritz (2 Michelin stars) in Renteria, Spain, speaks about the possibilities of HPP in seafood products and shows his experience with lobster and crabs. HPP is a useful tool to extract the meat from crustaceans without need of cooking the product. With this we can obtain a high quality product ready to cook for the first time and serve.

Video (Spanish): http://www.antena3.com/noticias/cultura/gastronomia/cocinas-todo-gas-madrid-fusion_2011012500120.html


Video (Spanish)

HPP for safe, high-quality seafood

seminario-novelq-en-pragaThis one day event, delivered as an output from the EU project NovelQ,showed the many commercial benefits of HPP for seafood processors, including shelf-life extension and enhanced meat extraction yields. NC Hyperbaric conducted a presentation during the event.


For further information:www.novelq.org

Seminar HPP in Norway

seminario-hpp-en-noruega-2009NC Hyperbaric was represented by Francisco Purroy at the Seminar on High Pressure Processing for Seafood, organised within the Novel Q European Project on September 2009 in Stavanger, Norway, giving one of the technical sessions. Several of the most important seafood companies attended the event.

Seafood Processing Europe 2008

feria-del-marisco-2008-en-bruselasNC Hyperbaric was present at the SEAFOOD PROCESSING EUROPE exhibition that took place on April 22-24, 2008 in Brussels. On this occasion, manufacturers and clients coming from 22 different countries met to see the best in equipment for the seafood processing industry and many expressed their interest for NC Hyperbaric technology.


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