In-Pack and In-Bulk technology. Present and future of HPP

The chapters “Advances in high-pressure processing in-pack and in-bulk commercial equipment”  and “An introduction to packaging for commercial high-pressure processing (HPP) applications” are included in the book “Present and future of High Pressure Processing” – written by Dr. Carole Tonello, Director of Commercial and Applications Departments at Hiperbaric, Dr. Rui Queirós, Dr. Vinicio Serment and the Phd student Mario González-Angulo, all members of the Applications Department at Hiperbaric and specialists in High Pressure Processing (HPP).

The first chaper is centered on the evolution of HPP equipment, highlighting technical aspects of the In-Bulk technology, exclusive of Hiperbaric. Whereas, the second one describes the packages used for HPP applications, and its new developments. In this article we will underline the most innovative aspects and technological advances made in this technology.

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