WEFTA 2014.- Seafood Science for a changing demand. 9-11. June

44th WEFTA meeting . 9-11. Junio. Bilbao (Spain), hosted by AZTI (Tecnalia).

WEFTA 2014

The theme “SEAFOOD Science for a changing demand” will be covered and elaborated through the following seven session topics:

  1. Safety evaluation and emerging risks
  2. Seafood quality reassurance
  3. Integrity, authenticity and differentiation of products
  4. Sustainable use of catches and farming
  5. Advances in seafood processing technology and smart control
  6. Product innovation, consumer acceptance and expectations
  7. Seafood from the world for the European cuisine

As an innovative aspect, it has also been organized a session focusing on the industry, including market and technology sections.

The event will be focused in the R+D+i oriented to global societal needs, looking for innovative solutions to meet the new demands, regarding that the Global Seafood Markets in 2030 will be characterized by:

  • Demand for seafood is expected to increase strongly
  • The value of attributes and information are increasingly important
  • Product innovation increases demand
  • Aquaculture is competitive – Innovations are leading to rapid technological progress

Welcome to Bilbao!

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