HPP in China & ASEAN. Is it starting to take off?

asia-globoHPP technology is the fastest growing non-thermal processing technology nowadays. It has started a revolution in the market of fresh products, specially fruit juices and other fruit products, where this revolution will be even more evident in the coming years.

This is a relatively young technology and indeed Japan was the first country to adopt and launch HPP products in the market worldwide, using prototype equipment. It happened in 1990 when the company Meidi-Ya launched its Continue reading

Spain, biggest adopter of HPP technology in Europe

Spain is 506,000 km2, which means less than 5 % of the total surface of Europe (10,530,751 km2) is a small portion of the continent, and relatively low density populated country, with some 45 million inhabitants.

Nevertheless, the agrifood sector has always been to great importance in Spain. The local food industry is quite reknowned for focusing on quality and safety of its products, on being at the forefront of adoption of new technologies for food processing, and more recently and specifically, on implementation of High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology as well.

Spain is a country where tradition and modernity are combined. Traditional and home-style manufactured products are combined with innovation in packaging formats and process technologies, offering Continue reading

Limitations of high pressure technology: products that generally DON’T work with HPP

bread-bodegonHigh Pressure Processing offers numerous advantages for a wide range of value added products, but surely it has limits to its application and feasibility as well.

Today we will focus on the technical side of the question, rather than putting the light on those products in which the main barrier to feasibility of HPP is Continue reading


CFIAHiperbaric will once again have presence in the most relevant shows and conferences in the food science and technology world.

Though 2014 does not have any of the massive international shows in which Hiperbaric always is present with its latest developments, such as IFFA, Anuga Foodtec, Process Expo or Barcelona Tecnoalimentaria, there are very relevant Continue reading

Burgos, Spain: Hometown of Hiperbaric HPP Technology

Catedral de Santa María- Burgos

Catedral de Santa María- Burgos

At just two hours drive from Madrid (Spain) you will find Burgos. This historic city was founded in 884, during the reign of Alfonso III. Despite its age, this is a city where tradition and modernity overlap.

Burgos is surrounded by the Vena and Arlanzón rivers whose green banks in addition to the natural environment, shape a so-called ‘green ring’ which embraces the city.

The large monumental highlights are headed by St. Mary’s Cathedral, exponent of Gothic architecture declared Wold Heritage by UNESCO. The ‘Santa María la Real de las Huelgas’ Monastery and Continue reading

New HPP foods: from concept to industrial manufacturing

Photo: Hiperbaric HPP Center of Excellence and pilot plant, Burgos, Spain

Photo: Hiperbaric HPP Center of Excellence and pilot plant, Burgos, Spain

The journey to develop and market high pressure processed products

For all those who believe that a post-packaging, non thermal lethality technique such as HPP is the panacea, the silver bullet, the solution to all microbial and enzimatic problems of a food product: forget about it. It is much more interesting than that and, Continue reading