Clarification of HPP concepts

Offering natural clean label products, achieving a shelf life extension and guaranteeing food safety are some of the main advantages of HPP technology. However, wide confusion is still generated among consumers and food industry professionals when concepts related to HPP are mentioned or when it is compared with other technologies. Keep reading this post where we explain some of the issues that cause a major misunderstanding when talking about HPP.

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Hiperbaric’s relation with precision machining

Precision machining services

In Hiperbaric, we have restarted offering precision machining services, an activity we used to include exclusively for our internal production process due to strategic reasons. We are specialized in big size pieces and in the strip shaving of stainless steel, carbon steel and foundry materials. Our excellent design office, our highly qualified team and our large facilities allow us to offer this service to companies with national and international reputation.

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Summer is here with new trends in the HPP Juice and Beverage landscape


HPP continues to allow juice and beverage brands to grow and produce products with extended shelf-life, unique flavor profiles and front and foremost food safety… but how can brands compete in this highly competitive market? Read our newest article on the current beverage trends and landscape being led by brands using HPP.

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HPP in Italy: appropriate consumer habits for the development of the market

Popular dish HPP in Italy

HPP allows to obtain natural, fresh and high quality products in a wide variety of food applications. This fits perfectly with the current consumer demands and food industry requirements. It is especially remarkable in Italy where consumers give a high importance to food quality in terms of organoleptic properties and minimally processed products, features that are perfectly committed by HPP technology. Moreover, the extended shelf-life and food safety achieved thanks to high pressure allows Italian producers to conquer the strictest markets. All this combination together with innovation and the well-known products from this Mediterranean country provides a huge potential to HPP in Italy.

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HPP Ready-To-Eat products: Natural and healthy food in a minute

Some HPP ready-to-eat products of "The Siup Spoon" brand

HPP Ready-To-Eat products adapt perfectly to the current consumer’s needs offering convenience and quality at the same time. Concepts such as prepared food or precooked food used to be incompatible with terms like natural, premium and healthy products. HPP technology has broken with this preconceived correlation, allowing to offer high quality RTE products with a great shelf life without applying heat nor adding any preservatives. All while keeping all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the food. Keep reading and discover more about the advantages provided by high pressure processing applied to the RTE category.

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Carole Tonello receives the 2019 IFT Award as a recognition of her long-standing commitment to the HPP Industry

winners of the IFT Award

The Annual IFT meeting took place on June 2-5 in New Orleans, USA and our Commercial and Applications Director Carole Tonello not only did receive the 2019 IFT’s Nonthermal Division “Outstanding Service Award” for her long-standing commitment to HPP Industry, but also spoke on HPP Commercialization during the pre-conference Workshop. To know more about her IFT award continue to read our blog post.

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HPP milk: High Pressure Processing in the dairy industry

Milk and dairy products are an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. These products have been traditionally consumed fresh, which led to numerous outbreaks and commercial loses. Thermal pasteurization greatly improved shelf life and food safety, but organoleptic quality of the resulting products was affected. Since late XIX century, High Pressure Processing (HPP) positioned as a valid alternative to heat pasteurization to maintain taste, color and texture of dairy products at the same time that spoilage microorganisms and pathogens are inactivated. Continue reading

A dip beyond guacamole: HPP hummus is the next big thing in plant-based dips

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is widely used as a non-thermal preservation technology for guacamole shelf-life extension, an application that is second only to fresh juices in terms of popularity, however new products are experiencing a fast growth within the HPP Dips category. Straight from the Middle East, HPP hummus is leading the growth of the category through a rainbow of unique flavors and colors well preserved by HPP.

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June events determined by the importance of HPP packaging

Packaging trade shows that Hiperbaric going to attend in June.

The importance of packaging in the HPP industry determines our agenda next June, since most of the events of this month are related to this area. We keep supporting our clients and expanding the numerous advantages of HPP technology with our effort and presence in the main HPP events. Besides, We seek collaboration with potential HPP packaging suppliers to find innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.

Find us in the most relevant events and trade shows next month of June!

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