Nutrifresh Services LLC announces purchase of 3rd Hiperbaric High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine.

The high pressure processing (HPP) machine is slated to arrive in NutriFresh Service’s state-of-the art Edison, N.J. HPP tolling and co-packing facility in early 2016. With the new machine dedicated to its newly-launched cold-press and Continue reading

Foster Farms announces a new line of All Natural Sliced Turkey Lunchmeat processed with Hiperbaric´s Technology

Foster Farms is a meat company specialized in a variety of chicken and turkey products. It has been privately owned and operated by the Foster family since 1939. 

The company is publicly known for its commitment with its values which include animal welfaresocial responsability, its environmental and antibiotic stewardship and locally raised.

Plus the company as been awarded for Continue reading

LiDestri Food & Beverage Announces Purchase of Hiperbaric HPP Machine

LiDestri is the premier manufacturer of sauces, dips and salsas in the United States. Coast to coast, the company has multiple manufacturing locations where they produce more than 2 million jars of sauces and dips per day.

In their commitment to produce quality products that fit customer´s  requirements
(clean label, natural, non-thermal processed, high content in vitamins and antioxidants), LiDestri Foods & Beverages announced on Tuesday 21st July Continue reading

Hiperbaric will attend the VIII World Avocado Congress 2015 in Peru

On September 2015, Lima (Peru) will host the VIII AVOCADO CONGRESS, event which takes place every four years and reunites the leading experts in avocado for a series of conferences and exhibitions of interest to any industry professional.

Avocado, guacamole and other products derived from this fruit are one of the industries which have benefited the most from the high pressure conservation technology (High Pressure Processing: HPP) development.

As world-leading HPP equipment manufacturing company, Hiperbaric will attend the event organized by Prohass Peru. The Avocado industry is one of Hiperbaric oldest customers and one of the sectors most committed with High Pressure conservation.

As demand grows for clean label products or preservatives-free products and the impossibility of using thermal processing techniques to increase shelf life, Hyperbaric´s technology is the best industrial scale solution for the conservation of guacamole. The main advantages of high pressures for avocado manufacturers are:


High pressure treatment can lengthen up to 10 times shelf life of guacamole, passing from a 5 days shelf life in raw guacamole to a 6-8 weeks shelf life in the case of HPP-treated products. This is because the treatment inactivates lactic acid bacteria, molds and yeasts effectively, as well as pathogenic bacteria (Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli…) that can sometimes contaminate the product, while retaining much of antioxidants natural avocado, which favors the preservation by the partial inactivation of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and lipoxygenase enzymes (LOX), mainly responsible for the oxidation of guacamole.


By altering the composition of the product, HPP preserves the flavor of fresh product as well as almost all nutrients, antioxidants and various carotenoids (α-carotene and β-carotene among others), criptoxantines, lutein, etc.


Getting a label free of additives (or clean label in English) represents one of the biggest challenges for the modern food industry. This is critical in the case of oxidation-sensitive products such as avocado, which by their nature cannot be treated with heat. High pressures allow to obtain long-life products with a lesser use of preservatives.


Access to new markets is often especially difficult when it comes to fresh fruits, mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Distance from target market
  • Loss of the qualitative characteristics of the product during shipping
  • Quarantine regulations to which fresh products are subject in these destinations

This makes High Pressure processing one of the most interesting post-harvest applications when it comes to access new markets.

Roberto Peregrina, responsible for the company in New Zealand and Australia with extensive experience in the application of high pressures avocado and other vegetable products, will attend to the Congress as a representative of Hiperbaric.

Roberto will be happy to answer any question attendees will have about HPP technology and applications on avocado derivatives or on any other product.

For further information on the VIII World Avocado Congress click here

For more information about the products processed by HPP avocado click here


blac HPHiperbaric has joined (as unfunded partner) the french project BLAC HP – Bactéries lactiques combinées avec hautes pressions pour un procédé durable de stabilisation des produits carnés réfrigérés (LACtic Bacteria combined with High Pressure for a sustainable stabilization process of refrigerated meat products):

 The aim of the project is developing a new strategy for stabilization of refrigerated processed meat products by combining high pressure (HPP) and biopreservation using lactic acid bacteria. It is a project of high scientific content, but clearly focused on solving one of the problems that the meat industry faces every day: trying to reduce or eliminate the use of preservatives. The case study that will apply is the removal of nitrites in cooked ham to increase safety and shelf-life of the product.

The project was approved within the call Appel Générique Programme 2014 Défi Sécurité Alimentaire launched by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR). It will last for 48 months (January 2015 – December 2018) and will have a budget of 0,8 M €. The Université de Bourgogne (PAM Laboratory, procédés alimentaires et microbiologiques) coordinates the project. The consortium counts with 10 members, six research institutes and 4 companies: CTCPA, ONIRIS (GEPEA & SECALIM), INRA (Micalis) AgroSupDijon, IFIP -Institut du porc; SBV (porc biologique); CHR Hansen; Cinq Degrés Ouest and Hiperbaric.

The role played by Hiperbaric is to offer advice and give access to HPP equipment for processing product testing.

Customer Demand Drives Lineage to Increase High Pressure Processing Capacity at Two Facilities

Colineagelton, CA, June 9, 2015 - Lineage Logistics (“Lineage”), a warehousing and logistics company backed by Bay Grove, is installing additional High Pressure Processing (HPP) machines and packaging equipment at its Allentown, PA and Mira Loma, CA locations. The capacity expansion follows an increase in consumer preference for clean labels and demand from companies wanting to protect their brands, preserve product condition and extend product shelf life.

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Food Packaging and Innovation Course: Cremona Food Valley

EXPO Milano 2015 is the Universal Exposition held in Milan about food and nutrition. During the EXPO 2015 semester (May 1st 2015 through October 31st 2015), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is going to arrange in Cremona (1 hour from Milan) an international program of top-class 3-5 day executive courses on agri-food related topics.

CEEP – Cremona Executive Education Program courses are addressed to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial associations belonging to the agri-food industry; buyers and traders of food products; experts and managers of public and international institutions; academics, researchers and Ph.D. students; managers of multinational agri-food and green chemistry related firms; etc.

Each course includes a mix of lessons led by experts in an international perspective and field trips throughout the Po food valley, with visits to the most prestigious Italian manufacturing sites.

For full details about CEEP Calendar, please visit:

In particular, join CEEP course SAF03 Food packaging: innovation, safety and sustainability, as Hiperbaric is a partner of it:

For more info, do not hesitate to contact CEEP Staff:


Tel.: ++30 0372 499187

Cremona Executive Edu Program

Cremona Executive Edu Program

2015 International Nonthermal Processing Workshop. National Technical University of Athens

grecia workshop

National Technical University of Athens will host the 2015 Workshop on 12th and 13th November in Athens, Greece. The theme of this year is “SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION BASED ON SCIENCE AND APPLIED RESEARCH OF NONTHERMAL TECHNOLOGIES”. Continue reading

Hiperbaric High Pressure Processing, Winner of the 2015 Edison Awards.

  • EdisonAwards_BRONZEThe Edison Awards are the most internationally prestigious Awards in innovation.  
  • The award recognizes Hiperbaric world leadership in manufacturing high pressure processing machines for food industry.
  • Companies like Apple, Boeing, Tesla, Space-X or Amazon have received this award in previous editions

Burgos, April 24, 2015.- The Steering Committee of the Edison Awards, held in New York, has awarded the Edison Award in the Applied Technologies category to Hiperbaric, S.A., Burgos, Spain Continue reading