Packaging, an essential part of the success of HPP technology

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is traditionally an In-Pack technology, meaning that the products are processed in their final package. A suitable packaging is essential to protect the product against oxidation, spoilage microorganisms and other external agents. Therefore, the right package combined with HPP increases the product shelf-life. In this article we will clarify the most important aspects when it comes to make a decision about the package and how can Hiperbaric help in this process.

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Bio-collagen and HPP, the best alliance against skin damage

Bio-collagen is a substance of great interest in the cosmetic and medical industries for its regenerative properties on the human skin. Current stabilization systems require the product to be stored in refrigerated conditions and the absence of light. Furthermore, these products have a shelf-life of about 3 months and are easily re-contaminated. The Spanish company Lycolab has developed a combined process of lyophilization and high pressure processing (HPP), which allows obtaining an organic, hypoallergenic, clean, and durable product. Continue reading

Sustainability and impact of the HPP technology on the environment

The world’s population is rapidly growing, thus it is increasingly important to increase the sustainability of our food production. High pressure processing (HPP) can have an important and positive environmental impact since its implementation as a food production process may lead to substantial water and energy savings. Furthermore, due to the extension of the shelf-life of processed products it allows a significant reduction of food waste. The energy and food savings promoted by the use of HPP has an impact throughout the entire food chain and therefore can contribute to environmental protection. Continue reading

How HPP Helps to Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that consumers throw away about 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food annually? In addition, food manufacturers lose about $940 billion a year due to food waste. The repercussions are not only economical but environmental as well. In this article, we discuss the food waste problem and how High Pressure Processing (HPP) can help solve it.
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Q&A with Freshco AS, the HPP reference in Scandinavia

Roy Andreassen is the CEO and co-owner at Freshco AS, the first company to introduce HPP technology in Scandinavia. This Norwegian company produces a wide variety of HPP juices, and has recently started to offer HPP tolling services. Roy and the rest of the Freschco AS team strongly recognize the multiple benefits of this technology and the potential it might have in all Scandinavian countries. 

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